Comcast has partnered with a consultant to redesign the website for its Xfinity Internet Essential(IE) Convergence and Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP). The objective is to create a user-friendly website that effectively promotes the program and facilitates enrollment. I created the ACP/IE program homepage and configured the UX flows for complex use cases.

UI/UX Design,

Blaire Kinsey
David Ferello
Christina No
Soyeon Kwon
Live Website

Home Page
Since the ACP/IE application and registration process is different depending on existing or new Xfinity customers,
the copy and design were designed accordingly using Xfinity design library components.

Plan Builder
We studied use cases that occurred by adding the ACP/IE toggle banner to the existing plan builder and designed the flows accordingly.
In addition, the flow had to be designed while taking into account the different screens that the customer or agent sees.

ACP Verification step
Since the ACP verification was a new experience in their billing flow, we came up with a solution for eligibility forms,
and notification modal in order to add the ACP eligibility system without compromising the existing billing experience.