Hello, Sonia!

Creating a Youtuber

We can see virtual persons (like @lilmiquela) on social media these days. These virtual people resemble humans but are not real people. Because of this, we feel something weird, yet interesting. When I first saw lilmiquela on Instagram, what really surprised me  were real people’s reactions: they either extremely liked or disliked 'her'. I created a YouTuber to widen the gap. This flat version of the YouTuber creates typical YouTube content: eating a lot of foods called ‘muckbang’, vlogs, makeup tutorials, ASMR, but in a bit of a weird way. I learned the culture of Youtube, such as how to make a title to induce viewers, the typical culture, and thumbnail grammar.
4 weeks, 2019

Storyboard &
Motion Graphic:

Soyeon Kwon

Let’s Eat a Cristmas Tree Together! - Muckbang

Blender video created by HardyKCreative on Youtube

Sonia’s ASMR~~~~~~~~~~~~ (feat. Meringue Cookies)

Sonia’s vlog: A Day in my life (GRWM)

[Gloomy Make-up] When we feel blue..