Lexus Korea Official Website, 2018

🏅Grand Prix, &Award, 2017

User Data Redesigning Official Website
To redesign the official website of Lexus, we first had to analyzed user behavior to understand what information they want and improve usability with a more natural flow of the content. Based on our research, we found out that most users click on the model pages much more often than on the brand menu. Accordingly, we placed the model pages on top for better usability and utilized the brand contents as posts and tags instead of one set of menu from the previous website. In addition, as users use the mobile site more often, we applied the interface that is familiar to them for desktop as well. I designed the brand content pages and the mobile screen of the model detail pages.

The website was restructured for consumer content to flow light and naturally, reflecting consumer snack culture. Content on the homepage are connected to the organic structure through 'hash tags’ allowing it to be accessed anywhere among the highly related content. In order to easily apply the information desired by the user, both the main and sub navigation were placed in the sales area with the other brand contents exposed as posts for extensibility and flexibility.

Lexus Korea

Design Fever

Juhwan Lee
Hyunjoo Lee 

UX Researcher:
Sanghyun Lee
Dahye Ahn
Mina Jeon

Live website

Web & Mobile Site Designer:
Hokyung Lee
Soyeon Kwon
Taehyun Kim
Uichul Park
Kimo Kang
Eunyoung Park

Hyungjoo Shin
Youngsoo Han
Dohoon Kim
Seunghan Ban
Myungjin Kim