Lexus LS : The Chapters

The Chapters commemorates the history of the Lexus Flagship model LS from its birth to its present model. It is a collection of eight chapters which describe the foundation of Lexus, philosophy, design, and technology. We created a variety of content formats to effectively communicate the history to a broader audience. The first chapter, History of Circle, shows the birth of Lexus’ flagship model, LS. I directed the video, from storyboards to graphic design, motion, and sound, using the data from when the flagship model debuted. I was able to develop a sense of transition in motion through the experience of expressing a subject in moving images rather than in one still image. I had to think of a smooth transition of all these still images coming together to become a whole new piece of work. This video and experience has broadened the spectrum of my work.

3 weeks, 2018

Lexus Korea

Design Fever

Juhwan Lee
Hyunjoo Lee

Minjea Kim

Graphic Designer:
Soyeon Kwon

Motion Designer:
Youngran Kim
Youngeun Park

History of Circle

The Champagne Glass