SKT RCS Emojis, 2016

The SK Telecom RCS message app is a messenger service built into SKT's own smartphone developed to increase market share for their communication platform. We have created emoticons that are installed in the messenger app.
SK Telecom

Design Fever

Juheon Oh

Emoji Design:
Jiyeon Kim
Soyeon Kwon


First Draft

In order to create emojis that empathize with many people, I drew the image of an office worker that is common in people's daily lives. Other emoji sets we tried included a homemaker and a persimmon based on Korean puns.

Second Draft

Since it is a new built-in emoji, we used basic shapes that focus on facial expressions rather than specific characters to reach a wider audience.


Although the emojis have a basic shape, the emotions are maximized with colors and shapes that differ from other emojis.