Samsung Galaxy S8 Unpacked

‘Unbox your phone’ experience for a massive audience

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked presents the new features of its mobile phone namesake with the launch of each model. Based on the theme of "New Normal” or the idea of something seemingly impossible for older generation becoming standard for the next generation, the program is designed to help audiences understand the Galaxy S8 without extensive training. This particular presentation focused on the infinity display which is the key visual space of the product, and unraveled the other important features such as the battery and the camera. I worked on motion ideas and the storyboards that would showcase all the features in the most effective manners and designed the phone’s history, display, design, and camera parts of the video.

6 months, 2017


Design Fever

Suchan Kim
Juhwan Lee

Sanghyun Lee

Presentation Content

Juheon Oh
Dayoon Yoon
Hokyung Lee
Soyeon Kwon
Taehyun Kim
Byungyong Lee

Motion Designer:
Jiwoong Moon
Taeyeon Kim
Geunjoo Yu
Ayoung Chio
Jiwoong Moon